Stay Dry!

Fly High .......


Catch the breeze and enjoy the view from above, gliding over the crystal clear blue waters of Port Villa Harbour.
Our soft, safe and easy retrieval allows you to take off and land directly from the boat flight deck!

Fun – Safe – Easy – For All Ages


Single Flight

9,000 vt each

Ask for Group Rates 6+

Maximum weight – 110kg



3,000 vt each

* Subject to availability

Maximum weight – 110kg

Parasailing is an exciting and unique way to see the Port Vila Harbour, Iririki Island, Mele Bay and Ifira Island. Parasailing combines the sheer joy of soaring in the sky 60 meters above the the magnificent waters of Vanuatu and the sensation of flying horizontally over the sea through the clear blue sky!

The experience begins with a short briefing from your instructor as your boat motors out from the jetty at Cafe Du Village in the heart of Port Vila. When it’s your turn to parasail, you will be harnessed up and launched from the deck of our purpose built boat. From the platform of the launch vessel, you are gently winched into the skies above the Port Vila Harbour and your maximum height from the water will be about 60 meters. All that is required of you is to relax and enjoy the view!

At the completion of your 10 minute ride, you will be winched back onto the boat platform. This winch deck landing is the safest way to parasail.



Do I need to have experience?
Absolutely not! If you can sit, you can fly. No ability is needed, no running, jumping or steering.
How much time do we need to allow?
The excursion is part parasailing and part boat ride, so you should plan on being out on the pristine Pacific waters for about an hour.
How long am I in the air?
8 to 10 minutes.
What should I wear?
Anything comfortable, although we don’t recommend skirts or dresses. Sunscreen is recommended.
Is parasailing scary?
Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Parasailing is very serene and peaceful. Take-offs and landings are very slow and gentle making you feel as if you are truly “floating on air”.
Are there any age or weight restrictions?

Minimum age for a solo flight is 12 years. Children between 8-12 years can be flown in tandem with another child or adult. Participants under the age of 18 years must have a parent or guardian sign their liability waiver. Maximum weight is 110 kgs.

Do you take-off from or land in the water?
No, you take-off and land directly on the boat! After we fit you with a special parasail harness, you are seated on the flight deck and then gently launched and retrieved using a hydraulic winch system.
What can I expect to see parasailing?

Panoramic views of Port Vila Harbour, Iririki & Ifira Island and the city.

Can I take photos?

It is recommended to bring a waterproof camera. Ideally, a GoPro or a camera with a strap that you can keep securely fastened to your hand or body. If you are with a friend or family, they can also take photos of you parasailing from the boat.

Can I go along just to watch?

Space is limited so we take actual parasailors. If you would like to go along as standby, non-flyer or observer, a reserved seat is VUV 3500 / AUD $40.

Can I parasail any time of the year?

Port Vila Parasail operates year round, subject to weather conditions on the day.

Is your company specially trained, experienced and or licensed?

Port Vila Parasail has been operating for 14 years with an unblemished safety record. Our captains are licensed Masters and both captain and crew are trained in all aspects of parasailing, boat handling, flight procedures and First Aid. The safety of our customers is paramount.

What part of our vacation should we plan parasailing for?

We encourage you to plan for parasailing during the first part of your vacation. The weather at times can be unpredictable and some folks have made the mistake of trying to plan for parasailing on the last day of their vacation, only to have Mother Nature rain on their parade.

Are reservations required?

Yes, because of parasailing’s popularity and the limited space, we encourage reservations. If you are coming by cruise ship, then please book on board – we are available as a shore excursion on P&O, Carnival and Princess cruise ships. Priority is given to cruise ship passengers on cruise days. Otherwise we take phone +678 7773303 or email reservations at [email protected].



Port Vila Parasailing, PO Box 1634, Port Vila, Vanuatu


+678 7773303


[email protected]


Jetty at Cafe du Village (next to Grand Hotel)


9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Saturday
Bookings in advance are essential.

How to find us?


Located at Cafe du Village (next to the Grand)